Mid Week Brunchin’ at Rag & Bone

I cannot begin to tell you how much you are missing out if you have not yet visited Rag & Bone Cafe. A little ‘off the beaten track’ situated at the end of a row of local shops in its low key suburban location, it is definitely worth the drive. The trip to Rag & Bone itself is a beautiful one, driving past the beach, picturesque even on the most rainy of days. Turning off to venture up hill, passing bay windows and large driveways, each house passed so different from the next.

It’s urban and industrial interior is paired well with a cosy mix of cwtchy leather sofas and rustic wooden benches. Let’s not forget the warm lighting that shines through up cycled washing machine drums.



On a Saturday morning you will struggle to get a seat straight away as the cafe bursts with locals, the screech of a machine foaming milk, the smell of fresh coffee brewing. The staff rushed off their feet, not that you could tell by their chill persona. Just take a seat and grab a coffee because trust me, it’s worth the wait.

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Having discovered this place summertime last year it has become a regular weekend spot for my boyfriend and I. Each time I go I vow to try something different and slowly I am making my way through the menu, until something pops up on the specials board that is!

This week we made it there for a mid-week brunch and though we had a choice of tables to sit at it wasn’t long before it was full! We went up to the bar to order almost right away, to me it was a no brainer, I could spot that brioche number a mile off, plus I’ve tried a lot of the menu already. Josh however, is a little more magnolia, or shall we just say he knows what he likes. Josh opted for two slices of toast with bacon and scrambled egg. A flat white for me and a latte for Josh and we were ready. Unlike many other independent cafe’s Rag & Bone’s inexpensive price point means you can have a great brunch without breaking the bank. For my breakfast and coffee it came in at £8.35, that’s including table service and have I mentioned the staff are awesome?

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As a self-confessed coffee snob I can safely say the coffee here is great. I wish I could tell you where they get their beans but I am yet to find out. The coffee is smooth and not too strong. Plus the staff have perfected their pour.

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On the weekend you will find them stocking ‘Gower Doughnuts’ – Fresh handmade gourmet doughnuts and available to eat in or take away. Gower doughnuts have a crisp sugary exterior and a soft inside and the flavours change weekly so there is something for everyone. Some flavours include: Lemon Drizzle, Ferrero Rocher and my personal favourite S N I C K E R S (Custard mixed with chocolate, peanut butter and caramel topped with candied peanuts). You can find them on insta here @gowerdoughnutco

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Having been to Rag & Bone many a time before here are some of my favourite picks off the menu I have previously had and enjoyed. On the left – Sourdough Toast with poached eggs and bacon and to the right is a Christmas crumpet stack chosen from the Specials board on Christmas Eve. Don’t be fooled though, their famous crumpet stacks are available all year round! I wish I could remember what was in this but I have a terrible memory, all I can remember is how delicious it was.


I trust you haven’t made it this far without salivating, I sure haven’t. If you would like to visit Rag & Bone please see the details below.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm

Rag & Bone Cafe, Swansea, United Kingdom, SA3 5NG  

Call on – 01792 401204.

Should you want to check them out on social media before you visit you will find them on Instagram here @ragandbonecafe

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New Home, New Me

Hi my names Laura and I’m starting a blog! I have wanted to start a blog for a while as a way to express my creativity alongside my corporate job and to fill the gaps of time where I probably should be in the gym, cleaning my house or doing anything more productive than eating crisps in front of the TV. There are other reasons why I am starting this but I will save those for a rainy day. For now, here is my first post.


Many people have said that our house is more like our second home rather than our first because we have been lucky enough with savings and the help of our families to buy the bulk of our furniture brand new from the shops we wanted to. It is, however, due to both of our expensive taste that there are a lot of rooms unfinished. Like everything this will take time.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

I decided to start on the hallway first as it was the least daunting task and although not finished I am so pleased with how it is coming on.




(From left to right) Black metal basket – Home sense – £5.99 | Reed Diffuser – AZURE by Urban Olfactory – Shop here @ Tk Maxx | Wooden Calendar – Next |



(From left to right) Bonsai Tree – ASDA – £10.00 | Howea Forsteriana – IKEA – £12.50| Our friends bought us this plant as a moving in present (I think it is this one! It looks the same) anyway – It is still alive and it’s amazing. Plant pot also from IKEA. *Disclaimer* Douglas not for sale.


Finally our corner is taken up of rows and rows of Josh’s large collection of Manga. Not his entire collection either. He spends endless time trying to convince me we should go to Japan. His last attempt was showing me pictures of a fox village, breaking my heart with their little red faces. It’s not that I don’t want to go to Japan, it’s just very expensive. One day Josh, one day, I promise.



Shelving unit – GNEDBY IKEA –  £30.00

If you have got this far then thanks so much for reading. Photographs, writing and opinions are all my own. Please share online and leave a comment!

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